About Manuary™

Little is spoken about head and neck cancer in the media, however it is the sixth most common cancer worldwide. Although historically linked to tobacco and alcohol use, there are new found associations with human papillomavirus (HPV). Indeed head and neck cancers caused by HPV are dramatically on the rise, making it one of the fastest growing cancers.

Head and neck cancers, as well as their treatment can have a profound negative impact on patient quality of life, as facial appearance, voice, breathing and swallowing can all be compromised. Survival with contemporary treatment consisting of a combination of radiation, surgery and/or chemotherapy can be successful, however up to 50% of patients with advanced cancers unfortunately succumb to disease.

Manuary™ is dedicated to raising funds to supporting cutting edge research and improving clinical care for patients suffering with head and neck cancer. The ultimate goal is improve cure rates and quality of life for patients suffering with this disease.

A Message from the Founders

Manuary was started 5 years ago in London, ON by a small group of residents in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery who felt that Head and Neck Cancer deserved more attention. It’s a relatively unique type of cancer, affecting many aspects of how one interacts with the world by disrupting one’s ability to speak, eat, hear, and – at times – even breathe. Unlike with cancer elsewhere in the body, the consequences of head and neck cancer treatment are not easy to conceal when in public.

While not among the top 5 cancers in Canada, one subtype – oropharyngeal cancer – is the second-fastest growing type of cancer – and perhaps most importantly, is theoretically preventable with increased awareness about the link with the Human Papilloma Virus.

The Manuary movement has grown tremendously over the past 4 years, raising money that stayed where it was raised to advance local treatment and research efforts. Help us continue to grow by “sporting a beard”!


Manuary™ Trademark

Manuary™ is a registered trademark. The term Manuary™ may not be used in association with any fundraising, awareness or advertising campaigns without written permission from Manuary™ Canada.

Our Mission

To increase awareness of, and support for, Head and Neck Cancer.

Our Vision

Though continued and ongoing medical, research and advocacy advancements in Canada, Head and Neck Cancer will be less common, detected earlier and treated definitively with minimal side-effects of therapy.

Our Values


Build — by supporting patients and families through building a caring network of like-minded individuals wishing to advocate for optimized treatment and prevention of head and neck cancer

Engage — by increasing awareness of the causes of head and neck cancer, normalizing the sequelae of treatment, or advocacy for prevention via HPV vaccination – we strive to activate change for those with Head and Neck Cancer

Accountable — by actively involving hospital foundations, we ensure that donation dollar usage is maximized… but also maximized in areas local to participants

Research — by unifying several sites across Canada, we hope to help advance research into the causes of head and neck cancer and in minimizing the side-effects of therapy

Discussion — by changing ones’ appearance with a beard, we aim to foster discussion and interest in all aspects of head and neck cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

A very special thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters