2015 Manuary™ campaign is launching the Coast-to-Coast $5 Challenge, in support of Head & Neck Cancer Research and Awareness. Please, show your support and contribute today!

Truth is, WE NEED YOU

Looking for 5000 bearded or unbearded people to make a contribution of $5 for world leading Head & Neck Cancer Research and Awareness. Just $5? Yes, just $5. That's the beauty, with the help of your fellow Manuarian's, a little can GROW a long way!

Welcome abearrrrd!

Saskatoon has joined our efforts making them the 5th host to participate in 2015!

Oh, it's on...

The host location to raise the most money, will be the sole beneficiary of the Coast-to-Coast $5 Challenge adding to their final totals for 2015!!!

Contribute now, complete the form (on right)

If you wish to make an anonymous contribution, plus leave the 'name' field blank! Our contribution request is a mere $5 CAD, but if you wish to contribute more, please fell free to adjust your contribution amount!


Jean-Pierre Dumoulin 120.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 100.00 CAD
Sailor Bup's Barbershop 100.00 CAD
Dave Morrison 55.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 55.00 CAD
crhtko 50.00 CAD
tom 50.00 CAD
Vivian Grad 50.00 CAD
John Renouf 50.00 CAD
Rob 50.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 50.00 CAD
Gayle Sixsmith 50.00 CAD
Josee Cousineau 50.00 CAD
Mick 25.00 CAD
Dave Logan 25.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 25.00 CAD
Lorraine Ivy 25.00 CAD
Francois des Vignes 25.00 CAD
Dee Lanier 15.00 CAD
Mike McMahon 10.00 CAD
Jon Melong 10.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 10.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 5.00 CAD
Sara F 5.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 5.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 5.00 CAD
Kate Vanderven 5.00 CAD
Peter cameron 5.00 CAD
Robert Durham 5.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 5.00 CAD
William Webb 5.00 CAD
Greg Fowler 5.00 CAD
Jon Deeks 5.00 CAD
Anonymous Contributor 5.00 CAD
Patti Moore 5.00 CAD
Connie 5.00 CAD
Diane 5.00 CAD
Abdul 5.00 CAD
Mark Bromley 5.00 CAD
Total amount 1085.00 CAD
Target to reach 25000.00 CAD

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